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CottageClass is a community marketplace for PreK-12th grade education founded and powered by teacher-entrepreneurs. We call them "teacherpreneurs!" At CottageClass, we believe the three most important factors to a child's success in school and in life are exceptional teachers, engaged families and healthy peer groups.

Exceptional teachers

That's why we invite the most passionate, skilled teachers in the world to found and lead new schools and classes to directly serve the needs of their communities.  Our teachers come from diverse backgrounds and teaching philosophies, but all share a common commitment to positive guidance and collaborating with parents on personalizing learning for their unique child. 

Customized for your family

Find schools and classes near you or start something new!  We are committed to working with any budget, schedule and educational goals to provide your child with great teachers, healthy peer groups and physical environments conducive to optimal social and cognitive development. 

Powered by learning specialists

Curious to learn more? Just  click contact us on the bottom right and a learning specialist will respond to your question or schedule your complimentary learning consultation. Our team is here to guide you every step of the way, from birth through high school graduation, with love and expertise.

A global mission

Every time you enroll your child on CottageClass, you empower children around the world. As our mission is to provide quality, personalized education to every child, 10% of profits go to supporting community-driven education in at-risk areas and providing scholarships to low-income families. 


Early Childhood

Play-based preschools, playgroups and classes for children ages 0-5

Kids and Teens

After-school programs, summer camp, schools and classes for independent learners from PreK-12th grade