Our mission


All over the world, teachers are reinventing education by starting independent schools, camps, classes and study groups to meet the needs of the children in their communities.  CottageClass is a community marketplace that connects families with these teacher-founders who are transforming our world. 

The goal of CottageClass is to help all children reach their greatest potential through individualized instruction:

  • Teacher community: CottageClass attracts the most exceptional teachers in the world by giving them ownership, creative freedom, a collaborative network and empowering them to do what they love, teach and develop curriculum for children. 
  • Parent involvement: On CottageClass, the parent's guidance is supported and supplemented. Parents become partners and participants in their children's education with direct access to their child's teacher and form close, collaborative relationships with other families in their child's class.
  • Personalization: By allowing parents to search and enroll in small, teacher-owned schools, we ensure that every family has their educational goals met regardless of their income level, geographic restrictions or their child's unique learning style.

It takes a village to raise a child and CottageClass is where the village meets to learn, create and share.


How it works

CottageClass is a community marketplace for childhood education. You can use CottageClass to

  • Search and enroll in schools, playgroups camps, classes and study groups in your neighborhood.

  • Customize a new learning experience for your child and share it with your friends and/or children near you.

  • Become a teacher-founder and offer learning to kids in your community. 


Contact info@cottageclass.com to learn more about what we do!