Microschool. Exceptional teachers. Personalized curriculum. Small class sizes. A community of families actively involved in helping your child reach their highest potential through individualized instruction. 

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We recruit the most exceptional and innovative teacherpreneurs to join CottageClass.  All our teachers must receive three verified parent references and complete a rigorous application that measures for traits such as intelligence, creativity, compassion, concentration and attention to detail before they are allowed to list. Additionally, families can review teacher profiles to learn about their approach to behavioral management, educational philosophy, credentials and more. We provide our teacherpreneurs with regular trainings to learn cutting edge information about child psychology and development. Whereas an afterschool or private school can be hit or miss depending on the teacher you're assigned, on CottageClass you have the power to choose the ideal teacher for your child. You will benefit from becoming a part of a wonderful community of parents and teachers to share ideas, advice and support your child's educational journey. 


All our teachers must complete a rigorous background and license check and be endorsed by at least three families before listing on CottageClass. Unlike a class you might find on an online parent group or even at a licensed afterschool or private school institution where there may not be guarantees about your teacher's record, on CottageClass, you can sleep easy knowing each teacher has a stellar record, verified peer reviews and is building a safe environment for your child.


The choices are limitless. At CottageClass, you can choose from a Spanish play-based preschool to a class in advanced astronomy. Don't see what you're looking for? No problem. We are adding new learning experiences all the time! Make a request and if enough of your friend's express interest, we'll recruit a teacher to offer you what you need at the price you can afford.



Being a new parent can be scary! "What's Montessori, What's Waldorf, what's play-based learning, should I homeschool, why was I wait-listed, did I wait to long to apply?! Why is it all so expensive? Help!! " It is common to feel frustrated and overwhelmed when surveying the educational options available to you! Our team of learning specialists is here to guide you every step of the way from birth through graduation. Please feel free contact us and we'll be happy to schedule a complimentary educational consultation to help you figure things out and get on the best track to an amazing education for your child. We help you build a roadmap, portfolio and track your child's progress across diverse listings. We also have relationships with colleges, internships and universities all over the world to ensure that CottageClass kids have success in school and life. 


Why microschool?

Your child learns better when you are involved: Studies show that the most significant factor in a child's success in school is their parent's involvement in their child's education. 

It works with your schedule. Many parents feel constricted by a 9-3 or 9-6pm schedule with 2-3 months of summer camp inbetween! When you design your own learning plan, you can ensure that your child's education schedule meets your work schedule and you can spend as much of the rest of the time as you like together! 

You're doing it anyway, so you might as well do it well. With public and private school on a 9-3pm schedule only 9-10 months of the year and budget cuts in arts, science and technology, almost every family must supplement their child's education with afterschool and summer camp.  

Your child will be prepared for success in a changing world: With a rapidly changing and in many ways, uncertain future, jobs in technology and engineering are on the rise, but school curriculum can be slow to change. Some would argue that the most important skills for our future are not one subject, but the ability to adapt and quickly learn new information through their lives.  

The jury is in. Independent learning works: Increasing numbers or families are choosing to do it themselves, designing a unique curriculum and enrolling in classes led by local teachers as a supplement or alternative to traditional school.These students are getting in to top colleges, performing exceedingly well on national exams and going on to lead happy, successful lives.

You know better than anyone what your child needs to learn and grow. At CottageClass, we believe in the power and intelligence of parents to make the best educational choices for their child. That's why CottageClass empowers parents to create an educational roadmap, find awesome teachers and prepare their child for a happy, successful self-reliant life. 

Take charge of  your child's educational journey today.