Le petit workshop: Art atelier (2.5-4 yrs without caregivers)

Le petit workshop: Art atelier (2.5-4 yrs without caregivers)


Oui! A French art class for 2.5-4 year old toddlers. Sign up for one or both afternoons. During playful exploration the children will learn specific vocabulary associated with their discoveries and artwork. Le petit workshop will explore colors, shapes, insects and "petites bêtes," the changing seasons.. The small class size will enable the children to be active learners. 


Activities include... 
- Sailboats and ships: folding paper
- Insects: collage with paint and cut paper
- Seasons: the colors of winter and spring, creating a landscape
- Herbarium: pressed leaves with cut paper and tempera paint
- Graphics: snails, spirals, tracing on paper

Dates: September 12th - December 19th, Time(s): Monday and Wednesday from 1:00-2:30 pm, Level of French Proficiency: all levels

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