Puppetry and Mask Making (Park Slope)

Puppetry and Mask Making (Park Slope)

from 40.00

During this After-School Course, the children will gain the confidence in their ability to plan, design, and create three dimensional art, and the confidence in their inner characters to provide material for performance. Using foam, Paper-Mâché, clay, cardboard, fabric and paint, I will facilitate construction and manipulation of characters and personas from the children's' imaginations. They will script short plays by developing these characters. 

The first class they will choose a real or imagined superhero, sketch plans visually and verbally, and create clay models of the heads and hands that they will then paper-mâché. In the following classes the students will produce bodies with foam or fabric. We will take turns watching and performing as groups of two are asked to improvise and interact.

Ages: 8-15
Days of the week: Wednesdays- there are eleven sessions
Times: 3:30-5:30
Dates: February 8 - April 26
Vacation days: March 15

* Note: Price is $40/session. Scholarships are available. 


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