Microschool at Dida Academy (Crown Heights)

Microschool at Dida Academy (Crown Heights)

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Is your teen a go-getter? Intellectually gifted and creatively inspired, curious about the world and excited about making a difference?  

Dida Academy is a NEW microschool and homeschool resource for middle and high school students in Crown Heights!

Why not consider an alternative to the typical high school/middle school route that will help your bright teen reach their highest intellectual and creative potential and give them the tool set they need to achieve success in whatever path they choose - whether it's getting into a top university, publishing a novel, or building their own business?

Dida is a co-working space and homeschool resource center for middle and high school students designed to help each student reach their highest potential through self-directed learning, supplemented with one-one-one tutoring and group projects. The schedule is 100% flexible and can be customized as desired.

The facilitators will help teens to develop a robust college portfolio and assist in obtaining a  high school diploma as desired. CottageClass has relationships with universities across the world that it can leverage to ensure your teen has the best path to success. 

Ages: 13-20
Days: Monday-Thursday (Choose 1, 2, 3, or 4 days/week)
Times: 9:30AM-5:30PM
Dates: first day: September 7, 2017; last day: June 26, 2018
Vacation days: all public school holidays, snow days follow NYC public school calendar

(Customized payment plans available upon request. Please inquire)

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For more information, please email info@cottageclass.com

Sample Schedule

9:30AM-10:00AM - Arrival, settle in, informal planning for the day, quick improv game, quick dance party (optional)
10:00AM-10:30AM - Morning meeting (discussion of intentions, gratitudes, requests, offerings, scheduling)
10:30AM-11:30AM - 1:1 tutoring session (math/writing/SAT/etc.) OR facilitated solo/group project work
11:30AM-12:30PM - Project planning meeting with Danielle OR offsite group trip to Prospect Park/Brooklyn Public Library OR facilitated solo/group project work
12:30PM-1:30PM - Lunch/community gathering
1:30PM-2:30PM - Kanban Workshop (Kanban is a task management tool that emphasizes: visualizing work, making backlog explicit, limiting work in progress, and recording completed tasks) OR group improv games/exercises with William
2:30PM-4:30PM - Guest Facilitator Workshop (e.g., Video Documentary Workshop/Intro to Entrepreneurship) OR facilitated solo/group project work
4:30PM-5:00PM - Clean up, closing meeting, reflections on the day, reminders for next time
5:00PM-5:30PM – Journaling/blogging OR facilitated solo/group project work OR Project planning meeting with Danielle

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