Freebrook Academy (BedStuy)

Freebrook Academy (BedStuy)

from 3,000.00

Freebrook is a progressive school and democratic community committed to supporting our students’ potential to become successful and define their own futures.  

Ages: 4th-8th grade
Dates:  September 2016-June 2017
Days: Monday-Friday
Follows public school calendar for vacation days
Times: 9-2:30pm
Tuition: $15,000/annual (scholarships available, please inquire)


Through our progressive approach, community and foundation on culture and social justice, we enable students to explore their world and challenge themselves while simultaneously encouraging them to challenge injustices and think both critically and independently. We strive to help our students develop their talents, love learning and become innovative adults.

Philosophy: At Freebrook, we believe in community development, in life-long as well as community-wide education, and in applying lessons learned in class to personal experience.  Education at Freebrook consists of the following:
 1. Democracy: Our students have an active role in the operation of the school and in the creation of their shared school experiences (students will propose change in the school, lead meetings, teach electives, etc).
2. Teachers as Facilitators: Teachers support our students' learning through student direction, student exploration, and sensory/experience based learning. 
3. Beyond Grades: Freebrook believes grades can limit student potential and transform learning into an external process, rather than an internal process, which reduces its intrinsic value.
4. Culture and Community: Students are invited to explore their own culture in the classroom.  In addition, each grade is supported as students creatively address community challenges; past examples include creating a mural, collecting and sharing data, creating a YouTube campaign or coordinating a community meeting. 

Freebrook practices a pedagogy based on social justice: the Freebrook community is committed to critical analysis of the past, present and future.


Meet your teacher! 


Step 1: Attend an info session at the schools which interest you. Contact to schedule. 
Step 2. Fill out the application and select the schools to wish you'd like to apply to. There is a $20 general application fee. 
Step 3. Receive a notification of the school's decision within two weeks. 
Step 4. Make a downpayment within one week of your acceptance letter to reserve your space. 
Step 5. Fill out registration and liability release forms and select your tuition management plan. 


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