Brand New System To Master Your Multiples (Park Slope)

Brand New System To Master Your Multiples (Park Slope)


Are the multiples holding you back in math?  

Thankfully for those struggling, help is here! The Mahnaz Multiplication Method is specifically designed based on how the human memory works, instantly making it more likeable and usable than its predecessors. The system utilizes multiple learning styles for maximum coverage.

The Mahnaz Multiplication Method can be taught in two, 1 hour workshops. You will have two weeks to practice in between workshops. By signing up, you will receive 50% off of a soon-to-be released digital practice software that uses the same system.
Ages: 7-65
Day: Monday
Times: 4:15-5:15
Dates: 03/20 and 04/03



Each day of the workshop will cover essential concepts for utilizing the Multiplication Method. The instructor will walk you through, step by step, using metaphors and direct examples, to see just how it works!