Papier-mâché Engineering with Miles (Windsor Terrace)

Papier-mâché Engineering with Miles (Windsor Terrace)


Come join Miles and Kristen in a pressure free and nurturing Reggio style class experience of crafting 3-dimensional objects from Papier-mâché and recycled materials. This class will allow your child permission and support to be themselves, make creative choices, gain confidence, increase self esteem, and understand how to use their time and space wisely. Children will be invited to add to projects that have already been brought to creation, such as a racing track, as well as be encouraged to create original pieces. We will finish the class year by sharing out group creations at the Figment Festival on Governor's Island in June.
Ages: 7-14
Days: Tuesday
Times: 1-2:30pm
Dates: May 2-June 13
Sessions: 7

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15 minutes of prep and planning
45 minutes of open studio time
15 minutes of class discussion
15 minutes of clean up and dismissal