SAT Math: Strong Foundation (Harlem/UES)

SAT Math: Strong Foundation (Harlem/UES)


There is a wide range of Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry tested on the SAT, and it is tested in tricky ways. This class will cover all of the subject matter is a clear, understandable manner. A large amount of examples, both in class and for homework, will be provided.
Students taking this SAT class want a good score (600+) but they are not expecting a perfect score or near perfect score. 

This class MAXIMIZES your time with the instructor as we do not give practice test during the session, which takes up an entire class (we provide the practice test to be done outside of class). 

Textbooks, materials, and light snacks included with the fee.
Ages: 10-65
Day: Saturday
Times: 11:30-2pm
Dates: 4/8-5/27
Vacation day: 04/15

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"Daily schedule will generally include:
-Taking any questions from the previous week's homework and thoroughly demonstrating the correct solution
-Introduction of new topic with straight forward explanation of what it is
- Demonstrate the most likely ways in which the SAT will ask a question related to this subject, including all of the tricky methods
-Take time to do SAT problems individually, review
(This cycle can repeat wit new topics until class is over)"