SAT Math: Survival Edition (Harlem/UES)

SAT Math: Survival Edition (Harlem/UES)


Let's face it; some of us don't like math! Yet when it comes to applying for colleges, many of our desired schools request and SAT score. 

If math is definitely NOT your thing but you need to take the SAT, this class is for you.

This class will spend a majority of the time focusing on understanding the highest priority mathematics for the exam. Your instructor will spend plenty of time fielding questions and providing ample amounts of examples to gain maximum comprehension.

Textbook, materials and a light snack are included in the fee.
Ages: 10-65
Days: Saturdays
Times: 2:30-5pm
Dates: 04/08-05/27
Vacation days: 04/15


A typical day will include:
-Taking questions from the homework and providing thorough coverage to any misconceptions or confusions regarding the previous weeks subject matter
- Introducing a new topic and providing a number of examples to fully explain its functioning
-An exploration of how this subject shows up in the SAT
-Further examples for the students to try and see how these questions work
(The cycle can repeat until time expires)