Seeds of Change Summer Camp (Park Slope)

Seeds of Change Summer Camp (Park Slope)


Come join student activists and artists Aviva Jobin-Leeds and Mikaela Gonzalez in a program that encourages questioning of this society through the creation of art work! We will make masks, puppets, a mural, and a performance piece over the four weeks of camp. Students will be asked to reflect as we embark on a field trip each week, to museums, community spaces, and performaces--visitng creative and intellectual spaces and facilitating discussions and artistic exercises that encourage the children to think deeply and become aware of their surroundings and of the values that are being communicated to them in different spaces.
Ages: 8-14
Days: Monday-Friday
Times: 9-4pm
Dates: June 19-23, June 26-30, July 17-21, July 24-28

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On any given day, we will begin at the school space in the morning . We will review the plan for the day, and then work on our art project of the week before we embark on our field trip or our time at the park, and then return to the school space for the afternoon. The first week we will create masks, the second week we will make rod puppets, the third week we will design and begin painting a small mural, and the fourth week we will finish the mural and create a performance piece to model a strong functioning community for the opening of our mural!

WEEK 1 : MASKS  JUNE 19-23

Campers will be introduced to Mask Making with a visual tour of Mask Traditions. They will create plaster molds of their faces for their first project. We will take a field trip to the Brooklyn Museum for the exhibit: 

"We Wanted a Revolution: Black Radical Women, 1965–85"

We will talk about representation in the arts and in this culture, encouraging students to notice what they usually see in an art museums, and what they would like to see more of. We will ask them to turn inward and name qualities they would like to wear on their masks both everyday, and in the world of characters which we will create through masked theater exercises, using our second set of masks which we will create with clay molds and paper maché. From 12-2 each day we will eat lunch and play games in Prospect Park.


Campers will be introduced to puppetry through videos and live performance in Prospect Park by the Camp Leaders. We will plan and create puppets with cardboard, clay, and paper maché. Our field trip this week will be to see a selected Puppet Show in the area. On Friday afternoon we will perform a choreographed parade for the parents in Prospect Park. From 12-2 each day we will eat lunch and play games in Prospect Park.


We will introduce campers to Murals with field trips to nearby Murals created by school groups with messages about female empowerment and respect. We will project images of Murals from around the world for inspiration in the mornings. We will do individual drawings prompted by community values movement exercises, and then group discussions about the relationships between each students ideas. Next we will create visual mapping for the Mural. We will paint our visual map together. From 12-2 each day we will eat lunch and play games in Prospect Park.


Camp Leaders will project and outline our mural map on our wall, and the children will paint through out the week. The field trip this week will will bring us to community spaces with shared community values. We will be visited by a storytelling dance group who will facilitate a Movement Workshop. We will present the mural and a short Dance Sequence "Community Machine" on Friday afternoon. From 12-2 each day we will eat lunch and play games in Prospect Park.