Silly Circuits and Mad Machines (Clinton Hill/Bedford-Stuyvesant)

Silly Circuits and Mad Machines (Clinton Hill/Bedford-Stuyvesant)

from 385.00

Learn to make funny sounds, bling your accessories with electronics, design a game, program a robot and much more at the summer classes with Impulse Labs.

Ages: 7 and up
Days of the week: Monday-Friday
Times: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM (late pickups are available)
Dates: July 10-14, July 17-21,  July 24-28, July 31- August 4

*Note: Late pick-ups will cost $50 extra per week. 

tuition options:

Each class lasts for five days. The day is broken up into two sessions. The morning session is more intense and is focussed around a weeklong project which everyone works on. The afternoon session is more self-contained and does not involve any project work. The kids get an hour-long lunch break in the afternoon during which they are free to eat, play in the playground or to play board games. They also get two shorter breaks in the middle of the morning and afternoon sessions for snacks and games. The last half-hour of the day we wind down, clean up and discuss what we did during the day.