Tinkering School® Summer Camp at Brooklyn Apple (Prospect Park)

Tinkering School® Summer Camp at Brooklyn Apple (Prospect Park)

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Tinkering School® is an educational program created by Gever Tulley at Brightworks in California. Tinkering Camp is designed to be a problem-solving experience lab and wonderland for students of all ages held at the Brooklyn Apple Academy. Students consistently try new things with access to a wood shop, kitchen, library, and musical instruments, as well as sewing, crafting, painting, and printmaking materials. Each day will consist of a morning field trip to Prospect Park, Central Library, Pier 6 or The Brooklyn Museum, followed by lunch, a mystery challenge, and open tinker time in the afternoon.
During the field trips students will be encouraged to wander and wonder; to collect ideas, found objects, and inspirations by taking notes and drawing sketches in field books they will bind themselves. In the afternoon, students will have the opportunity to work independently or to collaborate on self-directed and teacher- proscribed challenges inspired by the morning excursions. Emphasizing innovation, research, rule-bending, and game-changing, students will rise to challenges they find exciting, personally inspiring and sometimes impossible! Tinkering encourages camaraderie, teaching, listening, failure and leadership across boundaries of age, experience and ability.

Dates: July 31-August 25
Times: 9-3pm
Half day and extended day available  (please inquire about pricing)
Ages: K-8th grade
(Scholarships and monthly payment plans available, please inquire)


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