Yugi Camp for Beginners with Matt (at Crayon Power) (Windsor Terrace)

Yugi Camp for Beginners with Matt (at Crayon Power) (Windsor Terrace)

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Yugioh to help our kids learn and grow. The whole Idea is to learn through play which is our specialty. Yugioh has been especially helpful with kids who love fantasy play.

Ages: 7-12
Days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
Times: 9-12pm
Dates: April 13th & 14 (Introduction to Yugioh), April 17th & 18th (Mini-tournament)

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Yugioh incorporates fantasy play along with math and literacy, helping children to practice skills such as reading comprehension, story development, strategic planning, problem solving and basic math-fundamentals. The children will have to develop strategy and learn how to verbalize this as the game evolves. This game creates great Socio-emotional support as the kids need to learn how to take turns and support one another while bonding throughout. When you take a child's interests and use that to teach them its a truly beautiful thing. This class is ideal for children who are interested in magical worlds and can benefit from working collaboratively with peers in a group.

April 13th & 14th (Beginners classes)
Children will...
*learn the basic rules
*develop game strategy
*learn to communicate their ideas positively
*play at least one game from start to finish
*discuss what they felt during the game and how they would like to play the game next time.

April 17th & 18th (Mini-tournament)
Children will...
*Experience a tournament style setting
*Play full games from start to finish
*Have time to discuss and process their experience