Child's Play NY Playgroup - Acting on Imagination (Clinton Hill/Fort Greene)

Child's Play NY Playgroup - Acting on Imagination (Clinton Hill/Fort Greene)

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Dates: September 2016 - June 2017
Follows public school calendar for vacation days
Times: Monday-Fridays, 9:00 am - 11:45 am
Ages: 3-5 years

days per week:
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The Child's Play NY co-op brings together children and teachers in a joyous and artistic collaboration of learning.  

Social-Emotional: Children build community and collaborate meaningfully every day at Child’s Play.   They act out stories, improvise real-life scenarios as fantastical characters, sing songs, and work together to make the world of their stories in props and sets.  And as they do this they are building rewarding relationships with their peers.   We boost self-awareness by learning how to identify emotions and tactics for calming their bodies down.  As they learn connectedness and community, they are able to celebrate their individual characters and honor their differences.  Empathy is the cornerstone of our character-work and our play with each other.  How better to teach compassion, than to get into the body of the characters that we read and embark on a journey as them?

Mindfulness: Children practice living in the “now” through daily breath work and story-yoga.  Children explore their five senses and do moving meditations to focus on the work and play at hand. 

Executive Functioning: We use theater arts as a foundation for learning about the world around us.  Exceptional classic and contemporary children’s literature grounds our playing.  From going on a hide-and-seek adventure in the community garden as the characters of Beatrix Potter to creating our own language like Dr Seuss, to creating our own kind of Gruffalo, children learn story-sequencing, critical thinking and reasoning all through playing! 


Step 1: Attend an info session at the schools which interest you. Contact to schedule. 
Step 2. Fill out the application and select the schools to wish you'd like to apply to. There is a $20 general application fee. 
Step 3. Receive a notification of the school's decision within two weeks. 
Step 4. Make a downpayment within one week of your acceptance letter to reserve your space. 
Step 5. Fill out registration and liability release forms and select your tuition management plan. 


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