Cottonwood Cooperative (Greenpoint)

Cottonwood Cooperative (Greenpoint)

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We are a mixed age learning community recognizing that curiosity is innate, learning is natural and play is often the catalyst for deep investigation. Together we create space to explore, tinker, dabble and invent. At Cottonwood, each kid has the opportunity to fulfill his/her own creative ideas every day.  The city is our greatest resource and we take full advantage of the civic and environmental landscape.   Call it democratic, call it culture creation, we build a collaborative, respectful environment. This is the heart of the way we interact with one another at Cottonwood. Kids are people too! 

Ages: 3-8
Date: Now through June. Also accepting applications for 2017-2018.
Days: Monday-Thursday
Half-day (4 days a week): 8:45-11:45pm (Ages 3-5)
Full-day (4 days a week): 9-2:45pm (Ages 6-8)

cholarships and monthly payment plans available, please inquire.
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Half day and full day:

Sample schedule

On any given morning you will find us in the green space of spacious McGolrick Park building forts, tending to the worms and examining nature with a  magnifying glass. Each day, there will be specific offerings to choose from, such as music, art, cooking and science. On an afternoon you may find the kids shopping for ingredients for their next cooking project or visiting with the librarian about the right book to answer their questions.