Prospect Explorers for toddlers @ Crayon Power (Windsor Terrace)

Prospect Explorers for toddlers @ Crayon Power (Windsor Terrace)

from 150.00

Ages: 2-3.5
Days: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Times: Mornings 9AM-11:45AM, Afternoons 12pm-2:45PM
Dates: September 8th, 2017 - June 15th, 2018
Vacation days: Follows public school calendar for vacation days and weather cancellations

Days per week:
tuition options:


Our Playgroup incorporates principles of Emotional Intelligence, Natural Play Therapy and Positive Guidance into the Reggio Emilia approach for early childhood education. Our play-based, holistic program encourages children to grow into cooperative play while honoring self-directed child-lead learning. We provide an early childhood environment that is centered on developing the whole child through exploration in cultural-arts, science, nature education, social interaction, emotion awareness, early literacy, language, music, movement, and community exploration. Our mission is to provide a learning environment based in and around the way young children grow and learn best. As teacher guides, we encourage children to use their capabilities to explore the environment and assist them in making connections to the world through play and observation. Our Brooklyn home is a place of great innovation and creativity and our classroom lab reflects that dynamic. 


*Forest School with Ms. Amanda and Mr. Matt

Drop off at Crayon Power
Morning and work and meeting with Prospect Explorers 2.0
Potty and Community Walk to Park
Forest School until 11:45am
Snack at Park or Library
Pick up at Park (Full day students dropped off at Crayon Power

*Lunch, Nap and Special Projects with Ms. Kristen 

Drop off at Crayon Power (Full day students picked up at park)
Lunch with Prospect Explorers 2.0
Book Club
Special Projects
Second Snack
Chalk and Sensory Play Outside
Pick up at Crayon Power"


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Step 2. Fill out the application and select the schools to wish you'd like to apply to. There is a $20 general application fee. 
Step 3. Receive a notification of the school's decision within two weeks. 
Step 4. Make a downpayment within one week of your acceptance letter to reserve your space. 
Step 5. Fill out registration and liability release forms and select your tuition management plan. 


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