Prospect explorers 2.0 for PreK & Kindergarten @ Crayon Power (Windsor Terrace)

Prospect explorers 2.0 for PreK & Kindergarten @ Crayon Power (Windsor Terrace)

from 400.00

Ages: 4-6
Days: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Times: Morning session 9AM-11:45AM, Afternoon session 12PM-3PM, Forest School Wednesdays 9AM-12:45PM
Dates: September 8th, 2017 - June 15th, 2018
Vacation days: We follow the public school calendar for vacation days and inclement weather closings.

tuition option:
days per week:

We are proud to announce our new hybrid program to merge 4, 5, and 6 year old children into the world of self-directed learning! PE 2.0 is designed to help Pre-K and Kindergarten aged kids to fully learn-how-to-learn and adopt concepts of agency, social-emotional intelligence and courtesy for others. We use the Reggio Emilia approach to help young explorers truly master a sense of self within their community. Parents have the option to enroll in both our Morning and Afternoon sessions. Our morning program has a strong focus on art exploration, construction and problem-solving skills. The second half of the day is spent out in the world...and is centered on Forest School learning, community involvement and book adventures at the public library. Our mission is to provide a learning environment based in and around the way young children grow and learn best. As teacher guides, we encourage children to use their capabilities to explore the environment and assist them in making connections to the world through play and observation. Our Brooklyn home is a place of great innovation and creativity and our classroom lab reflects that dynamic.

Morning work and meeting with Prospect Explorers Toddler group
Clean up and Drumming Story
Bathroom break and wash hands
Book Club and snack
60 minute playground visit and community walk
Bathroom and Wash up
Outside Sensory Play or Yoga
Pick up at Crayon Power

AFTERNOON GROUP SCHEDULE (Outside & Cultural Art Exploration with Ms.Amanda and Mr. Matt)
Drop off at Crayon Power
Clean up
90-120 minute Forest School
Library Visit or Community Artist Visit
Snack at Crayon Power
Theater games and Art exploration (Social-Emotional Study)
Pick up