Little Bears Cooperative Playgroup (Cobble Hill) FULL for 2017-2018

Little Bears Cooperative Playgroup (Cobble Hill) FULL for 2017-2018

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Now accepting applications for 2017-2018
Little Bears Playgroup incorporates principles of Mindfulness, Brain Gym, Positive Guidance and the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education.  Our main teaching strategies involve scaffolding play.  When the children express ambition or interest, we offer them stories, games, art projects, experiments and songs that open their minds to the grand wholes which surround them.  One example of this open-mindedness is a collaborative and progressive story that we work on, which is loosely based on the “Moonbear” series by Frank Asch.  Sometimes, when we walk to and from our favorite playground (nearly every day, rain or cold or shine), we usually tell variations on the story of "Little Bear" and the canoe which he shares with friends he meets in the forest of “Goose Lake Valley”. The children have collaborated on this story by adding details and asking questions to the extent that it began to form its own universe.  This level of interest led us to create shapes for our felt board that would allow them to recreate the story on their own, which they do with great alacrity.  When welcomed into our classroom, children emerge from their home environment to begin developing into positive, cooperative and critically-thinking young people.  It is our intention to allow them to realize the responsibility and power they have to change themselves and the world.

*Please note an application is required to enroll. 

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Now accepting applications for 2017-2018

Dates: September 2017-June 2018
Follows Public School Calendar for vacation days
Times: Monday-Thursday, 9:00 am - 11:45 am
4-morning options with possibility of nap/snack afternoon extension until 3pm. (please inquire)
Ages: 2-5 years
4-morning: $8500
2-morning: $4500

(2-month deposit upon enrollment. Payment plans available.)

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