Montessori Mornings with Rebecca (Sunset Park)

Montessori Mornings with Rebecca (Sunset Park)

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Montessori Mornings is a Montessori enriched play group for your young learner. We hope to cultivate independent thinkers through the use of self-directed materials, as well as, provide a platform for collaborative play. At the start and end of each class, we will have a short Morning Meeting that will include brief presentations, story, and songs. During class time, children will be invited to choose material from Practical Life, Sensorial, Math, Language, and Science Areas within the prepared space. Through the "prepared environment" and freedom of choice, children will explore and create using a variety of Montessori materials and extensions. With gentle guidance from the teacher, children will learn the importance of Self-Care and Community. Every two weeks, the shelves and activities will be refreshed to keep children engaged and ready to learn! We will send parents a bi-weekly email with updates and pictures showcasing our discoveries. We would love to have your child join us for Montessori Mornings filled with learning fun! 

Ages: 2-5
Days: Monday - Friday
Times: 9:00-11:55am

Starting now and summer
From May 8-August 30, 2017 the group will meet two days days a week on Mondays and Fridays. 

September 2017-2018
Starting in September 2017-June 2018, the group will meet 5 days/week Monday-through Friday.

Follows public school calendar for vacation days

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9:30-9:35: Self Management and Hand-washing   
9:35- 9:45: Morning Meeting: Songs, Calendar Time, Story, and Brief Presentation
9:45- 10:45: Free Choice (self- serve snack available)
10:45- 11:35: Gross Motor Time and Dramatic Play
11:35- 11:55: Clean Up, End of the Morning Meeting, Dismissal