Design your child's education

Families have used CottageClass to create everything from a French immersion preschool to a free web design class. CottageClass helps you find a teacher and other families (as needed).

  • You can share your unique learning experience with other families on CottageClass or opt to create a private learning experience for just your friends.
  • We work with any budget or special need and welcome unusual and creative requests! 
  • It is free to design a learning experience. You only pay when you enroll your child. 

How it works

  • Step 1) You describe your learning experience and ideal teacher, set the dates and prices that work for your family.
  • Step 2) CottageClass sends you up to 3 choices of exceptional teachers that we have hand-picked from our teacher community. We pride ourselves on our ability to recruit the best teachers in the world and place them in environments where they thrive. 
  • Step 3) You choose your child's teacher. 
  • Step 4) You enroll in your customized learning experience and invite your friends! CottageClass processes enrollments, payments and helps get the word out to families near you.

Let's get started!

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Your name
This is your opportunity to be creative. You'd be surprised at what a wonderful and diverse group we have to choose from! The more details you can give us about the ideal person to support your child's growth and development, the better chance we have of finding someone your child will love!
Don't be shy. Do you want a vegan sausage cooking class on a cloud in Shanghai, conducted in French? We like a good challenge:)
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We will do our best to accommodate.