We're excited to see you at our next PreK event 101 Wednesday, February 8th at 5pm at Sisters BKLYN. Please fill out our brief survey so that we can cater the event to your questions! 

Preschool 101 event with Lyman Paras Rhodes from Little Bears (positive guidance), Jocelyn Greene from Child's Play NY (play-based learning) Olivia Jones Ramsey from Smith Street Workshop (Bank Street and bilingual education), Lydia Gerthoffer from Little Bears (parent-led coops), Kristen Lee Langelier from Crayon Power (inclusion and unschooling) Jenni Mahnaz (homeschooling expert), Rebecca Hyatt speaking about Montessori education, Marni Sandler from Monkey Do Yoga, Amanda Everett from Prospect Explorers (Reggio Emilia), Robbin Schwartz from Robbin's Nest (Waldorf) and Natalia Marcou from Tikità Spanish Playgroup (bilingual education)!

Posted by Manisha Snoyer on Sunday, January 8, 2017