Hi, I'm Aviva!

Born into a family of activists, Aviva works on issues of Housing, Immigrant Rights, and Structural Racism. Aviva currently works at Brooklyn Apple Academy and Riverside Montessori. She works with Sanctuary in the Streets, a group formed to create networks and spaces that protect families during ICE raids and related court dates. She has done the Teachers Training at University of Rhode Island for the Kingian Nonviolence Curriculum. She teaches an after school puppetry class at Brooklyn Apple, and works with puppetry collectives Bread and Puppet based in Glover Vermont, and Papel Machete based in San Juan Puerto as well as Looking Glass Productions in New York.

Hi, I'm Steph!

"  I have a lot of experience working with infants and toddlers. I have been taking care of twins. I put them down for naps, feed them, change their diapers, bath them, go for walks, play, cook, potty train, and teaching them Spanish.  I love working with babies and toddlers, because since they are born they are willing to discover the world. Their curiosity makes them want to explore everything and i'm willing to guide them through their learning experiences, helping them to develop their skill and keep their curiosity and interest in the world.

Hi, I'm William!

I am founder of Dida Academy, education startup promoting self-directed, project-based learning. I am a educator with 8+ years experience in New York City and Chicago high schools. I have taught English language arts, public speaking, drama, citizenship, and physical education--all-rooted in community-building and self-reflection. To support social-emotional development, I have developed a backlog of improv-based exercises for individuals and groups. My mother taught me that “it is a privilege to work with youth,” and I whole-heartedly agree. 

Hi, I'm Ms Tope!

I have been teaching in  a pre-school  in my home country where I have helped developed and implemented curriculum that has helped integrate children in a school environment through gainful play, material exploration and self chosen activities. I believe when children are given opportunities to explore, play and build up on their sensitivities, it brings out their creativity and desire for life-long learning, which would be the primary style of teaching I would inculcate.

Hi, I'm Mr. Carreno!

I began a career in teaching long before I became a teacher. More formally, I've taught in elementary classrooms, public and private schools, as well as an abundance of community-based programs that I have composed and directed. As a father to two young and school-aged children, creating a learning environment and helping to carve a path for independent, progressive, and hands-on learning is a privilege and an honor. I am incredibly excited to offer children a learning experience that will help ignite new interests while strengthening ones that they already embody. 

Hi, I'm Kat!

I am Montessori and Early Childhood teacher in Brooklyn. I began my teaching career in the dance studio, where I taught dance to hundreds of children over the years. I realized that I wanted to work with children in a more in-depth way, so I studied Montessori basics at Washington Montessori Institute in Baltimore. I moved to NYC in 2013, and went to West Side Montessori School Teacher Education Program for my Early Childhood credential. I received my MEd in Early Childhood Special Education from Concordia College. 

Hi, I'm Vishma!

French has been my passion for the past 20 years. I have taught at every level of the school system - preschool, elementary school, high school and adults. I enjoy working with children and sharing my passion for French and for learning. I believe that "to influence the life of a child is to alter the course of history". I currently teach at a French Immersion preschool in Brooklyn, but this coming summer, I'm looking to begin my very own French Playgroup! 

Hi, I'm Lisa!

My first experience working with young children was as a babysitter and nanny, then as a camp counselor.  Soon I found myself working in a small playgroup in Brooklyn.  While working there I was given a copy of Maria Montessori's biography, shortly after reading it applied and was accepted to Montessori Northwest in Portland, OR where I completed my AMI primary training.  This was a highlight of my life and I have been joyfully guiding children in beautifully prepared Montessori environments for the past 4 years. I also have a Bachelors Degree in Art from Hunter College and a Master's Degree in Education from Loyola University.

Hi, I'm Suzanne!

I’ve been leading Story Time groups all over New York City for children 0-4 years old for over sixteen years. We read fun stories with themes and then talk about them, sometimes we act the stories out or I lead the group in putting on puppet shows or singing and playing musical instruments. In my groups I let children be children, and I let children be artists because that’s what they are. All of them. My talent as a teacher is my ability to make them feel comfortable enough to express themselves. I create a space where I’m not on top of them all the time, where they can expand and grow. I talk to children on their level. I become a child myself. 

Hi, I'm Dia!

I'm a versatile artist and experienced educator, who has been making awesome stuff with kids all across the country since 2002. Curiosity and a simple drive to make things has guided my studies in diverse fields from welding to writing , from theatre to computer science. I've worked as a teacher, a puppeteer, and in freelance video production and animation, and I have a B.A. from Hampshire College in Interdisciplinary Art. I've also had the opportunity to learn from Wil Vinton, grandmaster of stop motion (of California Raisins fame!). I also work now with RoboFun, teaching coding and robotics. I enjoy playing at the edge of art and science, and just playing in general. 

Manisha Snoyerdia, Brooklyn
Hi, I'm Miss Tara!

Hello. I am currently 3/4 into achieving a Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education, from Brooklyn College. I hold both a BFA and MFA in Fine Art/Printmaking. I have taught art to children of all ages over many years through community based organizations. I grew-up in NYC and attended The Rudolf Steiner School. My philosophies embrace those of Waldorf, Reggio Emilia and Montessori. I am committed to teaching the whole child through providing comfort, safety and experiences that feed the mind and develop the senses. 

Hi, I'm Alexandra!

My philosophy is that a mutual respect is required for a classroom to function at its optimal level. One of the things I used to do for the Continuing Studies program would be to sit with children who were pulled out of class for behavioral problems. We would often sit together quietly as the child would reflect. Sometimes the child would draw in their sketchbook. Often, after about 5 minutes or so the child would be allowed to return to class. I found this to be an effective way of isolating a problem in a constructive and fair way. I also believe that talking with the child in a respectful tone could help build trust and mitigate behavioral problems. 

Hi, I'm Coach Geoff!

I've been coaching and educating children for over 8 years and am excited to share my experience with the children of NYC.  Soccer Shots provides a caring environment on and off the field by positively impacting the children through our best in class coaching, curriculum and communication.  By enrolling your child in Soccer Shots, you can expect increased psychomotor development in fun fitness activities, introductions to team dynamics, character formation through life lessons of respect, sharing, development of active lifestyle habits, and individual skill development including coordination, balance and agility.  Our mission is simple: Positively impact children's lives.

Hi, I'm Katri!

I grew up in Finland, and have lived in New York for 4 years. Early education in Finland is highly play-based, and being the product of the system myself has really helped me see the importance of the time and space for play. I consider the natural curiosity of children a major tool in learning, of which we should take maximum advantage. Children in my class will be trusted to take responsibility of their own learning as much as they are ready for. What I find important in a classroom is communicating the importance of a respectful, warm community, where we build each other up. My goal is educating mindful individuals who take others into consideration and are confident in solving problems on their own. Learning through play is what I genuinely enjoy, and am drawn to in a classroom. I like to dive in play with the children to learn about them and seek teachable moments. Some of my personal passions are reading, cooking, art, playing guitar and singing!

Mamadou Sanganabakatri1