Hi, I'm Brogan!


Brogan Ganley is a Fine Artist, a Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher, a Registered Yoga Teacher and an Integrative Therapist.
She has developed a program called ‘The Art of Meditation’. This series of classes nurtures creativity whilst at the same time provides students with the tools to release stress and cultivate mindfulness and self-empowerment.
 She works with both children and adults in Public and Private Schools, Hospitals, The Element Healing Center in Brooklyn, Community Centers and private practice.
She also runs Brogan Ganley-Wellness which incorporates Meditation and Mindfulness with Ayurvedic Medicine, Reiki Healing, Aromatherapy and Yoga Therapy to help people with relief from stress, anxiety, physical pain, depression, grief, and to empower self-healing.
 Brogan is originally from New Zealand, she is the mother of 2 children and has travelled extensively throughout the world, living in Spain and the UK and for the last 11 years – Brooklyn!