Hi, I'm Dominique!

Tell us a little about yourself  "I've always had a love for children, but my interest in early childhood education has grown since I had my own children six years ago. 

When I couldn't find the right school for my 2.5 year-old daughter, two friends and I created our own Brooklyn-based, parent-run, arts-focused, cooperative playschool. When my youngest daughter was ready for her first school experience, I toured thirty schools looking for an inviting space, warm teachers, and place that felt like home, and I found it. When my kids entered preK, I became class parent so I could assist our amazing teachers and create community, and I became an active PTA member, because I wanted to lend a hand in a growing school. 

I am first, a dedicated mom. Because of that, I understand the importance of finding a learning experience that is not only right for each child, but right for each family. I know that children are individuals, and differences should be valued. And I know how important is is to leave a child with a teacher that is confident, warm, engaging, and encouraging. I am looking for an opportunity to be that teacher for other children in the community."

What is your philosophy on and approach to behavioral management? I believe in kindness and respect, order and consistency, and an open dialogue with children and their grown-ups. I believe is positive reinforcement and encouragement, balanced with relevant consequences and self-reflection.