Hi, I'm Ms. Jean!

I speak some Spanish, very little German and some baby sign language

I speak some Spanish, very little German and some baby sign language

Tell us a little bit about yourself. I have been teaching for over 8 years in the San Gabriel Valley. I have a great passion for teaching young children and truly love what I do. Children learn best when they can have a hands on experience. I strive to create an environment where children are allowed to explore their environment  and engage and create with developmentally appropriate  materials. I feel my job as a teacher is to facilitate their growth and development and I like to do so by creating a space and activities based upon their own interests. 

What is your philosophy on and approach to behavioral management? I want to set an example on how children should treat each other. How we should all treat each other so I talk with the children all the time about how we treat our friends and I let the children try to solve problems on their own by problem solving or talking it out with their peers. I step in if the situation calls for it to help facilaite the problem solving. If there is a behavioral issue such as hitting I will talk to each of the children involved and if they are willing have the children talk to each other to express their feelings about what had happened and how they can work to solve it. 

Who was your favorite teacher and why? My favorite teacher was my high school freshman history teacher because he always engaged in conversations and debates with all his students. He didn't treat us like kids just drilling facts and dates into our heads. He respected his students and encouraged us to think for ourselves and he always respected our ideas and opinions. He treated his students like human beings which was just what a 14 year old just starting off in a big world of high school and the beginning of young adulthood needs but rarely receives. 

Do you have experience working with children with special needs? I have limited experience working with a few children over the years who have autism but within the classroom group setting and not really one on one. 

Credentials: Associates Degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences with my major being Earlier Childhood Development and Education. Certified in infant, child and adult CPR and First Aid through the American Red Cross.