Hi, I'm Jesse!

I speak  English -- Fluent, Spanish -- proficient    

I speak  English -- Fluent, Spanish -- proficient    

Tell us a little about yourself Jesse Bartlett-Webber is a professional drummer and music educator. When he is not traveling the world performing, he runs a private teaching studio in the tri-state area. He has taught in after-school organizations such as the Bronx House LLC, Pelham Music Arts Studios, MusikaLessons.com and reverblessons.com.  With background in alternative education including Waldorf/Steiner, Gifted and Personalized Education, Jesse’s versatile teaching style works for many different type of learners, from the creative and emotional to the analytical and mathematical.

What is your philosophy on and approach to behavioral management? While playing music is incredibly fun and rewarding at every level, it also requires hard work and discipline. In my experience, the biggest struggle is to get students to concentrate on the subtleties of their instrument and sound. Once they’re focused, however, typical behavioral problems usually disappear. I have a two-pronged strategy for engaging my students; I get them to recognize their challenges while simultaneously encouraging them with support, care and positive reinforcement. To achieve success, the balance of each of these elements will vary with the individual personality of each student.  

Who was your favorite teacher and why?  While I have had many great teachers in my life, I have also learned many valuable lessons outside of the traditional learning environment. A mentor and friend I had as an adult named Dave Ambrosio taught me many great things in class as well as on and off the bandstand. A exemplary bass player, music professional and human being, Dave gave me many helpful tips about conducting myself musically, professionally and personally. This knowledge has taken me farther than I could have ever imagined. I appreciate Dave for his breadth of wisdom, and his never-ending patience with my learning process. (http://www.davidambrosio.com/)

Do you have experience working with children with special needs?  Experience caring for children with Autism.  

What's your philosophy on what it means to be a great teacher? The best teachers inspire and challenge, provide role models for their students, and open up possibilities in their thinking.  What advice would you give to someone who is considering becoming a teacher? Have patience with yourself and your students. If you ever have difficulty conveying a concept, either the student isn't ready to receive it or you're not expressing it in a way that works for that student. Teaching and learning go both ways, and they're both challenging, so never get discouraged!

In your opinion, what is the role of the live teacher in a world where it is becoming increasingly easy to get access to information through the internet and online courses? In a world in which information is becoming increasingly accessible, there is an ever greater need for live teachers to teach young minds how to process and assimilate all of the information available to them. Just as a live concert is infinitely more memorable than a recording, so is the same in person-to-person communication. All the news, data and images in the world would remain a tangled intellectual mess without real, human interaction to convey its meaning.  

How can we, as teachers of children, work to build a society where people are respectful towards each other and the environment?  By educating young minds we are directly influencing the culture and conversation of future generations. As teachers, our job is not only to convey information, but to try to shape the minds of the individuals who will eventually become the leaders, designers, builders, movers and shakers of the world. We have a responsibility to instill in our students values of compassion, reason, trust and freedom for all human kind.                                                                     

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