Hi, I'm Mr. Jon!


Tell us a little bit about yourself
I truly enjoyed my time as a instructor at a Waldorf inspired day care, there I learned that children can better thrive away from electronics and material distractions.  My experience at a children's science center gave me the opportunity to develop a (Wonderwheels) bike program that combined the physics of cycling and basic mechanics to help educate children about technology and help to achieve agency through hands on learning.  I believe both philosophies can be integrated in the learning process along with time spent outdoors to create healthy children.

What is your philosophy on and approach to behavioral management? 
Observation and checking in with students often can help establish a relationship that builds attachment, every day is unique and allowing children a safe place to learn healthy forms of expression is key in behavioral management.  I always make sure basic needs are met first, as a teacher at a alternative high school it was common for students to be running on no food or sleep, this almost always led to poor emotional regulation.  

Who was your favorite teacher and why? 
My psychology teacher in High School had worked at a state run mental institution and gave me tremendous insights on how abuse and neglect affects individuals and that we are not inherently good or evil but a product of our environment. He was compassionate yet critical of a society that tries to "vote people off of islands" and pathologize individuals who have adopted poor coping mechanisms. 

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