Hi, I'm Kiki!

Tell us a little about yourself. I am a self-proclaimed biophiliac and multipotentialite, love the magic and endless treasures found in Prospect Park, and am inspired by community and nature. 

As humans, we naturally try to understand everything around us and make sense of the world through play. Sadly, early education has come to focus on assessments, strict structure, tasks, milestones, and tests. Studies continue to emerge and make headlines that the loss of true play-based learning and children spending less time than ever in nature is detrimental to development and makes a lifelong impact. I'm an educator, writer, public speaker, community advocate, and also a mother of three. I believe that, as parents, it's vital that we recognize the role of curiosity in shaping our children’s lives: they love to be in the fresh air and sunlight, surrounded by trees and flowers, playing with water and mud while hearing the birds and the wind. I also believe in approaching children as individuals with unique learning styles and have used the Forest School model to help parents and caregivers discover what type of learner their child is to make the best decisions about investing in their education.