Hi, I'm Martina!

I speak Italian, English and some French.

I speak Italian, English and some French.

Tell us a little about yourself I was born in Italy and grew up in NYC, always speaking Italian at home. I have two kids (4yo and 8mo) and we try to go visit my family in Italy once a year. I have a Bachelor's degree in Fine Art from the California Institute of Art and I've been running an art gallery, (First in Manhattan and then in Brooklyn) since 2003. I love playing with kids, doing arts n crafts projects and reading books. I believe that doing these things in Italian would be a fun way for parents and kids to learn the language in a playful environment.

What is your philosophy on and approach to behavioral management? I think it's important to work with a child and not against them.

Do you have experience working with children with special needs?  Not with children, but my older cousin has Down's Syndrome, so I have some experience with her.                                                                    

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