Hi, I'm Sara!

I speak English-Fluent; Spanish-Moderate; Italian-Fluent; Hebrew-Conversational

I speak English-Fluent; Spanish-Moderate; Italian-Fluent; Hebrew-Conversational

Tell us a little bit about yourself. In my 15 years of experience as an early childhood music teacher, I have taught in community centers, public schools, and private homes. I have helped develop projects such as Jazz at Lincoln Center's WeBop! program, and Music Within at the Harlem School of Music. I am a member of the International Early Childhood Commission for Music Education (ECME) and have travelled the world sharing ideas and gathering tools that I believe make my classroom a uniquely creative space. I embrace child-centered and play-based learning. All children are inherently musical. Their invented songs and musical creations are the focal point of my curriculum.

What is your philosophy and approach to behavioral management? Each child needs to feel respected and heard. When problems arise, I find time to speak quietly one-on-one with students who may need it. Sometimes a whole-group discussion needs to happen as well. I take a "Let's solve this together" approach.

Who was your favorite teacher and why? In third grade I had a teacher who saw each child as individuals with unique attributes that could contribute to our classroom community. It was the first time that I felt special and artistic instead of just "different."

Do you have experience working with children with special needs? Yes. In my 5 years as a public school teacher in Ardsley, NY, I taught four self-contained classes for children with special needs. 

Credentials. NY State Permanent License in K-12 Music Education, BME from Indiana University, MA + Ed.D. from Columbia University's Teachers College