Hi, I'm Ms Sanders!

Tell us a little bit about yourself. My passion for young youth of today need my expertise to guide them to safe loving environment individuals that's truly believe I can make an impact on your child education fun,exciting,fair,Adventure to spend time with me

What is your philosophy on and approach to behavioral management? Helping process this includes assessments,and goal on behavior issues chart to maintain this objective.The parents an teacher developed relationships to support this approach managing behavioral concerns.Three phases begnning,middle,end process.

Who was your favorite teacher and why? In elementary school I had one teacher Ms Summer,she started me in leadership  

Do you have experience working with children with special needs?  I experienced six year in Watts .Ca as teacher aide,assistant  special needs  children  with outdoor activities  

Credentials I have 98 units in earlyhood children development, professional organizations certificate, 13 years experience with family owned businesses