Hi, I'm Taibi!

I speak  A *little* bit of Spanish.     

I speak  A *little* bit of Spanish.     

Tell us a little about yourself
I am a lifelong mixed media artist with an active in-home studio. To me, life and creativity are inseparable. I love to create, and I love to inspire others to create. Art is a powerful tool for self expression and learning, and I value developing environments where students feel excited to pursue their interests. I am well versed in many media and techniques, and I have experience working with children of all ages. I can easily adapt my approach and lessons to meet the needs of different students, and I am looking forward to bringing my expertise and passion for art to even more kids in NYC!   Let's create something wonderful together.  

What is your philosophy on and approach to behavioral management? I believe that people of all ages act in hurtful and disruptive ways when they are not having their needs met. It is important to me to get to know my students so that I can understand where their behavior is coming from. Through one on one conversations, I try to understand how my students are feeling and what I can do to support them. I also give lots of positive feedback, which I feel is way more constructive than negative feedback, although I do not have a problem setting boundaries for my students and letting them know which behaviors (like hitting classmates) are unacceptable.

Do you have experience working with children with special needs?  I have done childcare for a couple of children with special needs - general anxiety and autism.  

CredentialsI have completed Mandated Reporter training.  What's your philosophy on what it means to be a great teacher? To me, being a great teacher means a lot of things. It means being prepared, being engaged, constantly self educating and reflecting on past lessons to make future ones even stronger. Above all else though, to me being a great teacher means making your student's enjoyment of your subject a priority! This requires flexibility. If you have an idea for what they'll make on a given day, but the whole class is really excited about taking things in a different direction - surrender! Flow with them in their pursuits, because if they're having fun, learning, and developing an appreciation for art, that's all that matters.