Hi, I'm Toti!

I speak English and Afrikaans

I speak English and Afrikaans

Tell us a little bit about yourself I am a self taught crafter. I began crafting fabric baskets using scraps of fabric i would find at local tailors. I see every discarded item as something i can use to recreate into a functional piece of art, clothing jewelry etc. I taught a middle school group for the school year of 2015-2016. I currently work as a daycare teacher at Maple Street school where we love creating art and learning that it is process and not product! 
I love working and learning from children and most of my learning also comes from their creativity. I am a firm believer in process and not product. Everything a child creates is beautiful and once they can see the beauty in what they have made, I know we have begun!

What is your philosophy and approach to behavioral management? Children will respect boundaries when they are set with love and good intentions. I do not have a behavioral "plan" as i never expect there to be any behavior issues that i cannot resolve with a conversation. respect is gained when it is given.

What is your philosophy on what it means to be a great teacher? a great teacher is intentional, respects kids as individuals, allows kids to talk, question, be loud, messy, cry. A great teacher does not judge a childs abilities but encourages them, finds their strengths and uses that information to push them and allows them to be their best. A great teacher also can admit when they are wrong and have no clue! A great teacher loves the souls of all children and is there to get down and have fun with them. A great teacher learns with and from her students and does not believe that he/she is the giver of knowledge.

What advice would you give someone considering becoming a teacher? You must be intentional in all that you do and say.

What is the role of a live teacher in a world where it is becoming increasingly easy to get access to information through the internet and online courses? it is becoming difficult, however if you are able to use technology to aid in your work, we have to meet the kids where they are and there are many useful aspects to technology. However, when you can use pen and paper, or turn the pages of a book, teach the kids the fun of that too.

How can we, as teachers of children, work to build a society where people are respectful towards each other and the environment? We must teach by doing. If we show disregard for nature, for our environment we are teaching this to those same kids who watch us and look up to us . we must always have conversations, not reprimand or punish, but conversations with children about why unacceptable behavior only hurts our communities and how we are responsible for each member of our community's success.

Do you have experience working with children with special needs? yes, behavior, emotional and physically handicapped.