5 ways to encourage self-directed learning in young children by Jenni Mahnaz

Self direction is one of the most powerful skills anyone can develop. Learning to identify what intrigues us, digging deep, and coming out on the other end with more knowledge than we had going in is essential to a meaningful human experience. In today’s world of high stakes testing and educational pressure, how can we encourage a development of self-direction in learning? Is it even possible to be a self-directed learner, free of interference in today’s world? It’s not always easy but there are some simple steps any adult can take. 

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Happy Birthday CottageClass - by Manisha Snoyer

To those of you who have been wondering where I've been in hiding for the last nine months...
Two years ago, I began to seriously turn my attention to the environmental havoc we are bringing on our children and to try to deeply explore how this came about, the roots of this problem and what I could best do to help foster a more sustainable, compassionate and authentic future for our kids.

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