The art of idleness - By Katri Inklainen

As a kid, I used to be bored all the time. Entertainment in the daily scene of the 1990’s suburban Finland was quite limited compared to New York of 2017, and many times my imagination ended up being the last resort.

Being an adult in today’s world doesn’t offer too many opportunities for boredom. During the few moments when work, errands, relationships and general life aren’t a primary concern, finding ways of recreation is very easy. In fact, it may even be overwhelming trying to find time for everything you’d like to do. A commonly busy person might find themselves having no slot for “choice time” for weeks, and the same goes for modern urban children.

What all that spare time in my childhood gave way for was becoming very comfortable with my own thoughts, which has proven to be an enormous asset while maintaining internal well-being. Once mastered, it was a liberating feeling, inventing your own world that was as real as anything. A child’s mind is naturally and constantly stirring, and will take care of its needs if given the chance.

Katri Inklainen

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