Parent terms of service

For families:  Every family is required to fill out the CottageClass Registration and Liability Release form one time and keep it up to date and accurate.  This form will apply to every school, class, workshop or activity that a child or family participates in through CottageClass. CottageClass orders are non-refundable. We do not offer refunds on the CottageClass fee unless a learning experience is cancelled or not delivered as promised. Tuition plans paid in installments are due for the entire academic year, regardless of whether a student withdraws. It is the discretion of each instructor on whether they choose to offer a refunds on a learning experience.  If for whatever reason you can not attend a class, you are welcome to transfer your enrollment to another student (with the permission of the organizer). It is your responsibility to provide with due caution in assessing whether a learning experience is a good fit for your child. CottageClass will not be held liable for any CottageClass is a marketplace designed to introduce you to opportunities in your area and does not own or endorse any learning experience on the site. Also, while we do are very best to select the best possible instructors for our site, we bear no personal responsibility for your experience. We retain the right to refuse enrollment to any family who we feel does not live up to the CottageClass values of mutual respect, loving kindness and community.  Organizers may refuse enrollment to any student, but not for reasons of race, religion or sexual orientation. If you feel you have been discriminated against by a member of CottageClass, please contact us immediately so we can deal with the situation swiftly and effectively.